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Art and Tourism at RuralSuite

For some decades now, it has existed a symbiotic relationship between hotels, culture and fine art.

So, in line with our original character, we house a permanent exhibition, both indoors and outdoor, of the work of famous local artist, Ismael Loperena.

At RuralSuite, clients will enjoy some of the masterpieces from a local artist, Isamel Loperena as we hot a permanent exhibition with many of his art pieces.

All the apartments are nicely decorated with some of his coloured masterpieces that reflects all his life experiences and of course, shows in some of them the beautiful landscape of Bardenas Reales or even the Moncayo mountain

A exhausted list with all his masterieces is also avaialble in each apartment as guest can buy a showpiece or even better, meet him at his art studio

Art, culture and tourism at RuralSuite

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