We attempt to maximize use of resouces, using the methods “our grandparents taught us

Almost all the installations on the estate have been re-built using previously exisitng buildings, in accortdance with mínimum environmental impact and máximum energetic efficiency criteria, maintaining mínimum building heights and mimetic colours.


Walls are built from “termal-clay” and particular care has been given to termal insulation.

Water is important!

We have a water-separation system which ensures that only water which has passed through a complete, biological depuration process is, once free of contaminents, returned to the river.

On the other hand surface water, recovered from roofs and paved areas, is stored in a pond and is re-used to irrigate the green areas and our vegetable garden.

In our moderm drinking water treament plant, we purify the water, subjecting it to a complex procedure which ends with an Inverted Osmosis process, obtaining a fine flavoured, excellent quality water, of máximum health standard.

Heating, hot water and Jacuzzi are heated by two bio-masa fired boilers. This fuel, from an ecological standard is one of the most sustainable, as it emits the same quantity of CO2 that the original plants absorbed during its growth.

Our Clean Energy

Our fuel is olive pits, the final residue in the olive oil production process. From an economic standpoint, it is 40% cheaper than fossil fuels.

The entire installaion was designed to achieve máximum efficiency, all the electro-domestic appliances in the Hotel conforming to Class A, or superior and all the lighting classified as “low consuption”..

International Echos

The Italian magazine Greennews.info, the second online, Italian publication, dedicated to rural and ambiental themes, dedicated an article to us, entitled “Welcome to a 5-star hotel with zero impact in Navarra”.