Roman Period in Cascante

Having been one of the most important cities of the Roman empire to the north of the peninsula, Cascante evokes its historic past in all its streets and places. Its Roman origin is documented in ancient texts of Titus Livius and Pliny, cited as the “eleventh Mansion” in the Hispanic itinerary. Proof of this legacy is the appearance of numerous remains within what appears to be an ancient Roman villa, composed of rich mosaics, an amphora, remains of ancient roads, today within a tourist route covering all sections of the Roman road of Ribera de Navarra, a fence, a dam and even an ancient Roman aqueduct.

Breath fresh air in the Moncayo Natural Park

The Moncayo is the highest peak in the Iberian System.

It is an original element of the vegetation of the Iberian Range of Aragon, because it is the only massif that presents a clear sequencing of plant formations. The diversity of forests, together with the ban on hunting, makes the number of animal species varied and plentiful.

It has two Nature Interpretation centers. You can make interesting walking, bicycle or horse routes. From the shrine, it is possible to reach the peak and return in the morning, even with children, if the weather allows.

Impregnate of history in Tarazona

Beautiful city of Mudéjar located on the slopes of Moncayo, preserving important historic monuments.

The best way for discovering the monuments of Tarazona, declared Historic-Artistic Set in 1965 (including its recently opened to the public Cathedral, after several years of closure due to restoration), is walking its streets.

Muslims, Jews and Christians settled on there, making Tarazona one of the most emblematic places in Zaragoza.
From the hotel, we also organize various Quad routes, including that of Tarazona and Laguna de Lor (3h).

Go wild in Senda Viva

A place to find the perfect combination of entertainment, nature, adventure and fun for the whole family. With 120 hectares, is the largest in Spain, and has over thirty attractions for the enjoyment of children and adults, various shows and over two hundred species of animals in semi – freedom.

Thousands of activities in the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve of Bardenas of Navarra

Unique, semi-desert and uninhabited space that has three nature reserves. It offers a very particular landscape, rugged terrain, full of seamounts, cliffs and embedded canyons forming a territory of privileged nature. It is a vast and complex natural environment of exceptional value. Welcomes unique steppe birds like Lark, Crested Lark , Calandria, Little Bustard and others as well as rapacious as Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, Vulture, Owl and Kestrel, most of them very easy to see at a glance. This stunning landscape can be visited on foot, bicycle, horseback, 4×4, Quads … At the entrance of the park is the recently opened Interpretation Centre of Bardenas of Navarra.

Our company Activa RuralSuite offer 4 × 4 routes, quad or mixed by the Bardenas, always with one of our guides. Anyone who participates in this activity, discover one of the most stunning deserts of Europe, Bardenas of Navarra, also enjoying lunch with Iberian Ham, Artisan Sheep Cheese of the Moncayo, accompanied by one of our great wines D.O. Navarra.

The 4 × 4 routes are always performed in authorized tracks under the criteria of respect and conservation of our land. The 4×4 can visit landscapes and tight spaces that keep the charm of the most remote places. We can choose between two different routes: White Bardena or Black Bardena.

Culture, shopping, entertainment, etc… Tudela is your city!

Tudela is the capital of the region of the Ribera of Navarra, and second largest city of the Autonomous Community.
It was founded by the Arabs in the ninth century and remained under their rule until 1119, when it became part of the Navarre-Aragonese Crown.

For 400 years lived within it Arabs, Christians and Jews, and a tour of the city reveals many examples of this rich cultural past. Along with Baroque and Renaissance palaces, stands out the Cathedral of Santa María, declared a national monument, built in 1180 on the old mosque of the city. Essential destination if you do not want to miss the benefits of its famous cuisine, with its restaurants and tapas bars.
From the hotel, we also organize the “Route of Pincho de Tudela” where, with our guide, you will discover the most flavorful corners of the city.