For gastro-turists and wine-tourists, RuralSuite Hotel- Apartments**** offers wine and gastronomic tasting heritage of the Ribera de Navarra, which for centuries has been satisfying the most demanding palates.

Our land offers the best culinary tourism offer you can find at any time of year: variety (because it had been granted a land where cultures have historically lived as the Christian, Jewish and Arab, enriching each its recipes) and quality (offered by the proximity of the Ebro River and by peculiar climatic conditions that give the fruits of the garden just what they need at all times).

In the Ribera de Navarra have for you the best vegetables and freshly picked vegetables from the garden: artichoke, chicory, borage, cabbage, broccoli, collards, chard, kale, spinach, beans in different varieties, beans, sweet garlic, onions, peas, endive, tomato, carrot, red pepper, lettuce… And of course, our very well known and asparagus buds.

And… we can not forget about our wines! Cascante, Ablitas, Murchante, Cintruénigo and Corella, are all towns in the Ribera de Navarra where they are produced and can be purchased red wines, white or pink in their cellars, some renowned to national and international level, thanks to having result awarded for the quality of its wines.

In our own business tourism and leisure activities, Activa RuralSuite, we have activities that will delight lovers of gastronomy in general as the Premium Tours in 4X4 by Bardenas Reales (where you will enjoy a delicious lunch consisting of Iberian ham, Artisan Sheep Cheese from Moncayo, accompanied by one of our great wines D.O. Navarra), visits to the vegetable garden, winery visits and/or mill with wine and/or oil tasting included, guided tour of pinchos, olive preparation workshop and vegetable workshop.

Moreover, in the restaurant you can delight your palate with authentic cuisine “Kilometer Zero” as part of the ingredients we use to make some dishes of our menu and come from our organic garden.

All this involves only part of the gastronomic universe that we offer and you can find in our land. We serve you health in your own table, Are you coming?