Involved in our community

RuralSuite practices the principles of social responsability, as is reflected in our voluntary adoption of the territorial commitment agreement, “Responsable Rural Business”.

This includes a commitment to help the small producers of the region, (even organizing joint activities), along with active tourism, cultural and restaurant organisations, etc., thus, hopefully, contributing to the economic development and promotion of the region.

Hotel with ‘Art’

As firm defenders of the belief that culture and tourism go hand in hand, we are committed to the synergies which make this area even more attractive.

So, in line with our original character, we house a permanent exhibition, both indoors and out, of the work of famous local artist, Ismael Loperena. This is available, for our guests’ enjoyment, whilst with us, or even the adquisition of one or more pieces of outstanding contemporary art.

Colaborators and friends

RuralSuite also colaborates actively with associations of physically handicapped persons and social sensibilisation movements and the organisation of activities.

During our short existence, we have housed para-olympic athletes and their helpers, participants in the XXII, XXIII and XXIVth editions of the Tudela Popular Race, which is organised by ANIMET (The Handicapped Persons Association of The Ribera), and sponsored by us, and whose main objective is the complete integration of handicapped persons. This experience corroborates and validates the oficial recognition we have been granted by the Tourism Deprtment of the Government of Navarra, which rates our installations as “Accessible Accomodation for Handicapped Persons”.

We have had the privilege and responsibility of accommodating the official teams of Aragon, Cantabria and La Rioja, their helpers and the referees of Navarra, Rioja and Valencia, all participating in the VII North-eastern Boccia Championship and Exhibition of sports for handicapped persons. In all, 42 people, including 18 electric wheelchairs – quite a challenge for the Ruralsuite team and their installations – the final reward being the appreciation of all these athletes.

Activa Ruralsuite, our touristic and leasure activities company, organised, in June 2011, “Famtrip All-inclusive Navarra”, when we were privileged to enjoy the company of Miguel Nonay, better known as @asaltodemata, a tireless adventurer, in spite of being accompanied by a wheel-chair, has done para-gliding, Sahara-crossings and parachuting, amongst other activities which he explains and promotes in his blog: (

During three days, together with another 9 persons, both handicapped and able, we had the opportunity to enjoy the same activities and visit the same places, canoing down the River Ebro, hurling ourselves down the longest zip-line in Europe in the Senda Viva Park, running a virtual bull-run in Pamplona, visiting the Leurtza reservoir and the Bardenas Natural Park and many other activities which demonstrated the if we want it and we co-operate, Navarra will be more and more INCLUSIVE.

Our colaboration with Miguel Nonay did not end here, as, in January 2012, Activa RuralSuitre organised an adventure trip, followed by thousands of “twitterers” through hashtag #DesiertoTrip2012, through the Sahara Desert, where, for the first time , a handicapped person in a wheel-chair, climbed the highest sand-dune in the Marroccan Sahara, “Erg Chebbi” (270m).