RuralSuite Hotel Apartments **** also offers you the possibility to know the best places for birding in the Ribera de Navarra.

Our geographical location, at the confluence of three bioclimatic regions (Atlantic Influence – Bay of Biscay and Cantabrian-Eastern, Mediterranean influence -Mediterranean Sea – and alpine influence – Pyrénées), makes us a strategic position in the Atlantic flyway.

This, coupled with the diversity of habitats that holds Navarra and specifically La Ribera (Mediterranean forests, river groves, crops, wetlands and giant steppes with Bardenas Reales of Navarra) make this region an ornithological quality destination where bird lovers certainly will get the best experience.
You can find more information on this direct link to the page of Tourism, Government of Navarra:

In RuralSuite Hotel- Apartments**** we provide all the information you need about bird watching in the area, or organize your trip “a la carte” accompanied by one of the ornithologists with extensive experience and knowledge of the region that collaborates with us.