In spite of its short career, RuralSuite Hotel Apartments**** has already made a collection of
several awards and recognitions:

Tourism Award “Reyno de Navarra” 2012 in the best accommodation category, awarded by the
Autonomous Community of Navarre.

Prize to the accessibility “Sin Barreras” 2011, awarded by the Navarrese Chamber of
Commerce and Industry, in category of private enterprise.

“Q” for Quality in Tourism, awarded in 2012 by the Institute for the Spanish Tourist Quality
(entity of certification of quality systems created especially for tourism companies)

Recognition in 2012 as “Responsible Rural Enterprise” by Consortium Eder, for the promotion
and creation of a sustainable company and jobs, and help to strengthen social cohesion in the
Ribera de Navarra, respecting and preserving its rural and cultural heritage.

For the team that makes up RuralSuite, is a huge source of personal satisfaction being able to
receive each of these awards and recognitions for everything involving: prestige, differentiation,
professionalism and above all, the fulfillment of our most important objective, which is not other
that achieve the highest degree of reliability for the customer.

Tourism Award “Reyno de Navarra” 2012.

(Photography: Diario de Noticias)

Prize to the accessibility “Sin Barreras” 2011

(Photography: Diario de Noticias)