It is scientifically proven that release adrenaline produces a state of maximum energy after which comes a pleasant feeling of relaxation, thanks to the production and release of endorphins (called “happy hormones”).

The sedentary life, prevalent in this day and age, coupled with the daily stress, causes that release of adrenaline is of very low intensity, and therefore the human body need “incentives” that help you feel the sense of vitality.

Active RuralSuite, our own company active tourism and leisure, is there for those who seek that kind of emotions: drive, enjoy, cycling, riding and driving activities such as Route Premium 4X4 by Bardenas Reales (which also includes a lunch), Quad Tours by the Roads of Navarra and Bardenas Reales, horse rides and bike rentals are just some of the alternatives we offer.

Get an extra dose of adrenaline in a surprising and spectacular scenery with an amazing range of possibilities that we put at your fingertips!