The accessible areas are not exclusively for disabled persons, who we recognize as being frequently overlooked and all of us, at some time in our life have special needs… we get older… we suffer an accident or develop an illness…

This thought led us to develop a universal space concept, where no area is specifically created just for disabled persons, but for everyone.

What does it mean a space for ALL?

It has been carefully preserved accessibility in all areas of the Rural Hotel:

All suites are at street level, so that accesses to the suites do not need ramps or stairs
(except one, which has a small ramp).

Spaces to the various elements necessary to transfer and perform a 360º in a wheelchair
access were also taken into account. The system meets the UNE, slipperiness class 2.

In the cafeteria both toilets are adapted.

The room doors have a minimum width of 80 cm. The cabinet doors are sliding and rods for
hanging clothes are at a height of 140 cm. All shutters are electric and control mechanisms
are at a height of 90 cm and accessible.

Inside include a bathroom adapted for disabled guests. Showers are at ground level and with
bars, toilets suspended at 47 cm. And with fixed and hinged bar, toilets are suspended with a
height of 70 cm. Accessories and control mechanisms to a maximum height of 120 cm and
mirror at 90 cm.

Also, we have several shower chairs available to our customers. All bath rooms have an
alarm system connected to your reception and the owners, who sounds in the living room of
the suite simultaneously.


The kitchens are adapted, taking into account the height of the cabinets and turning space.
RuralSuite has developed a kitchen system that allows rapid removal of furniture under the
induction cooktop and sink allowing wheelchairs approach with a clear width of 80 cm.

Each suite has a bell with light signal for the hearing impaired.

And we keep on improving… now we are in phase of development aid necessary for people
with visual disabilities.

Moreover you will fall in love with its beauty and charm, we are a Design Hotel!

How did we achieve this?

First and foremost we based our design on COMMON SENSE and we studied, in depth, every detail, to allow for spaces far exceeding those required to meet the “regulations”.

Assisted by the ONCE Foundation and PREDIF in the design of these spaces, always much appeciated by visitors with reduced mobility or functional diversity and even by oficial organisations, such as the Navarra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who awarded us the Award for Global Accessibility for the year 2011.